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Dia-Balance offers comprehensive support for glucose concerns through its carefully selected ingredients. Isolate CBD derived from hemp oil has been studied for its potential to reduce insulin resistance, which can contribute to better glucose management. Additionally, Dia-Balance contains vitamin C, biotin, magnesium, and chromium, all of which play essential roles in glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity.

Furthermore, the inclusion of bitter melon fruit extract, white mulberry leaf, and cinnamon bark adds extra benefits. Studies have shown that white mulberry leaf and cinnamon bark may help regulate blood sugar levels, making them valuable additions for those with glucose concerns. Bitter melon fruit extract, known for its traditional use in managing blood sugar levels, complements these effects.

By combining these ingredients, Dia-Balance provides comprehensive support for individuals seeking to address glucose concerns naturally. Whether you're looking to manage insulin resistance or regulate blood sugar levels, Dia-Balance offers a holistic approach to supporting your health and well-being.


30 capsules with 10mg of CBD per serving


Lab results available upon request

  • Suggested Use

    Take 2 capsules a day preferably in the morning with an 8 oz cup of water 

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