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Elderberry & More 4oz

Elderberry & More 4oz


The Elderberry and More Syrup from Beautiful Roots boasts a powerful blend of natural ingredients designed to provide a variety of health benefits. The active ingredients in this syrup include:

  • Whole Elderberry: Packed with antioxidants and known for its potential immune-boosting properties.

  • Ginger: Has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, promoting overall well-being.

  • Blue Vervain: Traditionally used for its calming effects and potential to alleviate stress.

  • Grounded and Whole Cinnamon Sticks: Adds a flavorful touch while offering potential anti-inflammatory benefits.

  • Cloves: Rich in antioxidants and known for their antimicrobial properties.

  • Honey: Provides sweetness and is believed to have various health benefits, including soothing properties.

This thoughtfully curated combination of ingredients creates a syrup that not only tastes delightful but also aims to support immune health, reduce inflammation, and contribute to overall wellness. 

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